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3 Series MDO vs TDS3000 Comparison Factsheet

3 Series MDO compared to TDS3000 factsheet

More Capability and More Flexibility
3 Series MDO
3 Series MDO
✔ Unique hardware spectrum analyzer
✔ Optional integrated logic analyzer channels and function generator
✔ Optional serial bus decoding and triggering
✔ Upgradeable bandwidth and options
TDS3000 Series
TDS3000 Series
FFT only
No digital channels
No serial decode
Fixed bandwidth
Significantly More Waveform Viewing Area
3 Series MDO
3 Series MDO
11.6” HD 1920 x 1080
TDS3000 Series
TDS3000 Series
6.5” VGA 640 x 480
Next-Generation User Interface
3 Series MDO
  • Pinch, swipe, tap capacitive touchscreen
  • Change position or scale by pinching or dragging, or with knobs
  • To change settings, just double tap the readout
4 Series MSO
TDS3000 Series
  • Front panel buttons with bottom- and side-bezel buttons
  • Change position or scale with knobs
  • To change settings, press the front-panel button. Use bezel buttons to change settings
MDO4000C Series
3 series MDO, TDS3000 series feature comparison