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Highly Reliable Testing of 10-Gb/s Systems (STM-64/OC-192)

Meeting the Growing Need for Bandwidth

The growth of the Internet, e-commerce, virtual private networks, IP telephony, and other data-centric applications, is prompting a demand for increased bandwidth. To keep up, network providers are being forced to move quickly from 2.5-Gb/s to 10-Gb/s system deployment. As the component prices for this technology continue to decrease, and the reliability of 10-Gb/s technologies increases, this trend will only intensify.

Moving from a 2.5-Gb/s to a 10-Gb/s system involves new factors that make the transition an especially difficult challenge. The CSA8000 communications signal analyzer, configured with the 80C02 or 80C04 optical sampling module, provides the 10-Gb/s transmitter designer with a superior tool to navigate through these design challenges. This tool delivers a higher repeatability of measurement results, giving designers greater assurance of the quality of their measurements when creating 10-Gb/s components and networks.