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Handheld Battery Operated Oscilloscope/DMM/Power Analyzers

THS700 Series

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THS700 Series

Features & Benefits

  • 200 and 100 MHz Bandwidth
  • 1 GS/s and 500 MS/s Sampling Rates per Channel
  • Two Channels and Dual Digitizers
  • External Trigger
  • 3-3/4 Digit DMM with Datalogger
  • Roll Mode
  • Extra Bright Backlit Display
  • 8 ns Glitch Capture
  • Independently Floating Isolated Scope and DMM Channels for Safety
  • Full Floating Measurement Capability up to 600 VRMS
  • Advanced Trigger - Delay, Pulse, and Video (Line Count and Field Select)
  • 21 Automatic Measurements
  • RS-232 Programmability/Communications
  • NiCd Battery and AC Adapter
  • Deluxe Soft Carrying Case
THS720P Only
  • Measures Harmonics up to 31st (Fundamental from 30 Hz to 450 Hz)
  • Automatic Power Measurement with Statistics
  • Advanced Trigger - Delay, Pulse, Video (Line Count and Field Select), PWM Motor Drive
  • 1 kV High-voltage Probes


  • Field or Bench Electronic Troubleshooting
  • Floating (Nongrounded) System Measurements
  • Industrial Electronic Equipment Troubleshooting (THS720P)
  • Power Quality Surveys (THS720P)

THS700 Series

Handheld Battery Operated Oscilloscopes

The TekScope® THS700 Series Oscilloscope/DMM combines a full-featured real-time oscilloscope with a True RMS digital multimeter in rugged, battery-operated instruments. Scope and meter modes can operate simultaneously and independently on the same or separate signals. The high-resolution, backlit display and pop-up menus make it easy for users to take full advantage of the instrument's many features. These include cursors, video trigger, voltage and resistance measurements, and storage of waveforms, data, and instrument setups. In addition, they offer the most comprehensive triggering capabilities - external trigger and extensive triggering including delay, pulse width, and video.

The THS700A Series is ideal for electronic applications - at the bench or at the site.

The THS720P Oscilloscope/DMM includes features to address the needs of electrical/power electronics measurements.



The Only Safe Measurement Solution for Power Electronics

The THS720P TekScope IsolatedChannel™ Oscilloscope/DMM is ideal for electrical/power electronics applications.

The THS720P includes features specifically for electrical/power electronics measurements which allow testing and verifying correct operation of motors, checking transformer efficiency, verifying power-supply performance, and measuring the effect of neutral current. These features include harmonic analysis, power measurements and statistics and PWM motor drive triggering. It also contains the powerful features of a modern oscilloscope that enable troubleshooting and verification of complicated electronic control circuits controlling the high-voltage power-electronics circuitry.

The THS720P shares measurement features with the THS730A, THS720A Oscilloscope/DMMs, which are ideal for electronic applications.


Oscilloscope Functions






200 MHz

100 MHz

100 MHz

Sample Rate (Each Channel)

1 GS/s

500 MS/s

500 MS/s

Time/Division Range

2 ns to 50 s/div

5 ns to 50s/div

5 ns to 50s/div

Power Measurements




Oscilloscope Functions

Channels - Two.

Sensitivity - 5 mV to 50 V/div (to 500 V/div with 10X probe).

Position Range - ±10 div.

DC Gain Accuracy - ±2%.

Vertical Resolution - 8-Bits.

Record Length - 2500 points.

Horizontal Accuracy - ±200 ppm.

Roll Mode - ≥ 0.5 s/div.

Autorange - User-selectable.

Trigger Modes - Auto, Normal.

Trigger Types - Edge, Pulse, Video, External.

Video Trigger Formats and Field Rates - Odd field, even field, and line.

Motor Trigger (THS720P only) - Triggers on 3- and 5-level pulse-width modulated power signal.

Harmonics (THS720P only) - Up to 31st (30 Hz-450 Hz).

External Trigger Input - 5 MHz TTL compatible.

Waveform Processing - Add, Subtract, Multiply, Calculate Watts = V x I.

Waveform Storage - 10 waveforms.

Acquisition Modes - Sample, Envelope, Average, Peak Detect.

Cursor Measurements - delta Volts, delta Time, 1/deltaTime (Hz), Degree (phase).

Cursor Types - Horizontal Bars, Vertical Bars, Paired (volts @ time).

Display System -

Interpolation: Sin(x)/x.

Format: YT and XY.

Mode: Vector, Dot, Vector Accumulate, Dot Accumulate.

Automatic Measurements





Rise Time

Fall Time

+Duty Cycle

-Duty Cycle











Cycle Mean

Cycle RMS

Burst Width


Power Measurements (THS720P Only)


True power


Apparent power


Reactive power


Volts (RMS, Peak)


Amps (RMS, Peak)


Total harmonic distortion as a percentage of the fundamental


Total harmonic distortion of the RMS of the input signal


Power factor


Displacement power factor


Phase difference between the voltage and current

DMM Specifications

DC Voltage Ranges - 400.0 mV to 880 V.

DC Volts Accuracy - ±(0.5% of reading + 5 counts).

True RMS AC Voltage Ranges - 400.0 mV to 640 V.

Maximum Float Voltage - 600 VRMS CAT II, each channel (probe dependent).

Resolution - 4000 count, 3-3/4 digits.

AC Volts Accuracy - ±(2% of reading + 5 counts).

Resistance Ranges - 400.0 Ω to 40.00 MΩ.

Resistance Accuracy - ±(0.5% of reading + 2 counts); 40 MΩ: ±(2% of reading + 5 counts).

Diode Test Range - 0 to 2 V.

Continuity Check - Audible tone when < 50 Ω.

Modes - Min, Max, Delta, Max-Min, Avg, Hold.

Nonvolatile Storage - 10 DMM screenshots.

External Trigger Input - 5 MHz TTL compatible.

Vertical Zoom Capability - 2X, 5X, 10X.

dB Scale - Selectable, referenced from 1 mV to 10 V.

dBm Scale - Selectable, referenced from 50 Ω to 600 Ω.

General Specifications

Setups - 10 front-panel setups.

Safety - UL3111-1, CSA1010.1, EN61010-1, IEC61010.1.

EMC - Meets Directive 89/336/EEC.

Power - NiCd rechargeable battery pack with AC adapter (both included).

Battery Life - Approx. 2 hours from full charge.

Display - Backlit LCD.

Display Resolution - 320 x 240.

Physical Characteristics













Ordering Information

THS730A, THS720A

Handheld Battery Operated Oscilloscope/DMM.

Includes: Two P6117 10X Passive Probes, User Manual, Quick Reference Manual, Standard Meter Lead Set, NiCd Rechargeable Battery Pack, AC Power Adapter, Soft Carrying Case, Cable and Adapters for RS-232, NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration.

Please specify power plug and manual version when ordering.


Handheld Battery Operated Oscilloscope/DMM.

Includes: Two P5102 10X Passive Probes, User Manual, Quick Reference Manual, Standard Meter Lead Set, NiCd Rechargeable Battery Pack, AC Power Adapter, Soft Carrying Case, Cable and Adapters for RS-232, NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration.

Language Options

Opt. L0 - English User Manual

Opt. L1 - French User Manual

Opt. L2 - Italian User Manual

Opt. L3 - German User Manual

Opt. L4 - Spanish User Manual

Opt. L5 - Japanese User Manual

Opt. L6 - Portuguese User Manual

Opt. L7 - Simplified Chinese User Manual

Opt. L8 - Traditional Chinese User Manual

Opt. L9 - Korean User Manual

Opt. L10 - Russian User Manual

Power Plug Options

Opt. A0 - US Plug, 115 V, 60 Hz

Opt. A1 - Euro Plug, 220V, 50 Hz

Opt. A2 - UK Plug, 240V, 50 Hz

Opt. A3 - Australian Plug, 240V, 50 Hz

Opt. A6 - Japanese Plug, 100V, 110/120 Volt, 60 Hz

Recommended Accessories

Also see Accessories.

P5102 - 10X 100 MHz Passive Probe for higher voltage application: 1000VRMS Tip-to-reference; 600 VRMS Reference-to-earth Ground (float).

A621, A622 - Current Probes.

P6117 (replacement) - 10X Passive Probe.

Battery Charger - THS7CHG.

Rechargeable Battery (replacement) - THS7BAT.

Standard Meter Lead Set (replacement) - 012-1482-00.

Programming Manual - 070-9751-01.

Service Manual - 070-9752-01.

Soft Carrying Case (replacement) - 016-1399-01.


WSTRO - WaveStar software for Oscilloscopes, Windows 95/98/NT application for waveform capture, analysis, documentation and control form your PC.


Three years (excluding probes).