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"And This Year’s Winner is …”


The results of this year’s Diamond Technology Reviews are in and once again a Tektronix product shines in this coveted awards program.  For nine years now, the Broadband Technology Report has enlisted many of the U.S. cable industry’s top engineering executives to evaluate and rank the latest products.  With titles like “VP of Technical Operations” and “Chief Network Architect” and “VP of Plant Performance,” these are judges who have spent as much time in field as the boardroom, and are hence people who know what makes a great cable product.

For this year’s Diamonds we submitted our new QCloud cloud-based QA solution and weren’t surprised they recognized its value with a stellar 4 Diamonds ranking. 

QCloud’s performance is just the latest example of our success with the Diamonds.  Our industry-leading Sentry family of QoE monitors has received rankings of 4 or more Diamonds five times, our VQS1000 software was awarded 4 Diamonds and our WFM5250 portable waveform received an exceptional 4.5 Diamonds. 

Naturally we can’t wait for the 2015 Diamonds!