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Performing Cyclic Voltammetry Measurements Using 2450-EC or 2460-EC Electrochemistry Lab Systems

Chemical engineers, chemists, and other scientists use electrical measurement techniques to study chemical reactions and dynamics. The most commonly-used measurement technique, cyclic voltammetry (CV,) is typically performed using a potentiostat. This application note describes how to use either a Keithley 2450-EC or 2460-EC Electrochemistry Lab System – a high accuracy, lower cost alternative for e-chemistry labs – to perform cyclic voltammetry and other electrochemistry tests.

The 2450-EC and 2460-EC Electrochemistry Lab Systems have built-in test scripts for performing cyclic voltammetry, open circuit potential measurements, potential pulse and square wave with current measurements, current pulse and square wave with potential measurements, chronoamperometry, and chronopotentiometry without the use of a computer. An electrochemistry translation cable is included to make easy connections between the instrument and a 3-terminal electrochemical cell.

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