PSPL8003 Datasheet

PSPL8003 15 GHz Low Noise Amplifier LABware Module

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The Model PSPL8003 15 GHz Low Noise Amplifier LABware Module is designed for bench-top lab use. This LABware module can simply be plugged in with a line cord (either 110 V or 220 V) and the amplifier is ready for use. The PSPL8003 is a broadband linear amplifier intended for use amplifying signals with a minimum amount of distortion. The PSPL8003 provides exceptional gain flatness and low deviation from linear phase while providing a bandwidth of 10 kHz to 15 GHz. This amplifier is ideal for use as a linear gain block.

Key performance specifications
  • LABware bench-top instrument
  • 15 GHz bandwidth with excellent gain flatness (±0.3 dB)
  • Lower 3 dB frequency of 10 kHz
  • Low deviation from linear phase (±3 degrees)
  • 1 dB compression point of 13 dBm
  • Integrated power supplies

Typical performance

The following plot shows the response of the PSPL8003 to a 100 mv 20 ps rise time step. The PSPL8003 is an inverting amplifier; the output has negative polarity. From the top to the bottom, the time scales are 50 ps/div, 500 ps/div, and 2 ns/div.






Parameter Symbol Units Minimum Typical Maximum Comments
Impedance Z ohms   50     
Upper 3 dB freq. fc,h GHz 14  15     
Lower 3 dB freq. fc,l kHz   10  20   
Small signal gain S21 dB 13  15  16  Average at 1 GHz and 2 GHz
Max Power Out
(-1 dB gain comp)
P1 dB dBm 10  13     
Gain Flatness   dB   ±0.3  ±0.5  50 MHz
Group Delay Flatness   ps   ±3  ±5  50 MHz
Input Return Loss S11 dB     -10  50 MHz
Output Return Loss S22 dB     -10 
50 MHz 14 GHz ≤ f
Noise Figure NF dB   5.0  7.0  f > 50 MHz
Polarity Inverting
Coupling AC, input and output
RF Connectors SMA jacks (f)

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