PSPL5333 Datasheet

PSPL5333 6 dB power divider, 25 GHz
The products on this datasheet are no longer being sold by Tektronix.

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The PSPL5333 Power Divider is an ultra-broadband resistive coupler, which provides even division of an input signal at the output ports. The device exhibits excellent through-line insertion loss stability for frequencies from DC to >25 GHz. The PSPL5333 features good impedance match across a wide range of frequencies, with return loss typically >15 dB from 0-25 GHz. Resistors are accurate within ±2%, providing excellent input matching.

Key performance specifications
  • DC to >25 GHz
  • Excellent Return Loss
  • Superb Insertion Loss Stability
  • Accurate Amplitude and Phase Tracking

Typical performance

Frequency responses from 40 MHz to 25 GHZ, linear sweep at 5 GHz/div.




Parameter 1 Value
Insertion Loss 6 dB, nominal DC
6.5 ±1 dB, 0-25 GHz, guaranteed
Rise time (10% - 90%) ≤15 ps
Return Loss >15 dB, 0-18 GHz, guaranteed
≥10 dB, 18-25 GHz, guaranteed
Input Impedance @ DC (port 1, 2 or 3) 50 ±1 Ω, guaranteed
Insertion Loss Asymmetry (S31- S21) ≤0.5 dB, 0-25 GHz, guaranteed
Phase Tracking (S31-S21) ≤5 deg, 0-25 GHz, guaranteed
Group Delay 198 (-8,+12) ps, 0-25 GHz, typical
Temperature Range 0-90 °C @ 1.5 W (case), linearly derated to 0 W @ 110 °C
Maximum Input Power (Avg) 1.5 W, CW
Connectors SMA jacks (f)
Warranty One Year
Mechanical dimensions


1All parameters listed are typical unless maximum/minimum guaranteed limits are provided. Measurements made with 50 Ω matched line/load at output ports.

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