OM5000 Multi-format Optical Transmitter

The OM5110 Multi-format Optical Transmitter provides the flexibility to modulate all of the most common coherent optical formats at rates up to 46GBaud using either single or dual polarization. The OM5110 is an integral piece of the complete solution provided by Tektronix for coherent optical signal generation, modulation, acquisition, and analysis.

The OM5110 is available with built-in C- or L-band narrow linewidth lasers and also supports the use of external lasers. Automatic bias controls make operation simple. For more advanced control, such as to simulate real-world scenarios, the OM5110 provides the user the freedom to set bias points manually.



Multi-format optical transmitter supports modulation of formats such as BPSK, PM-QPSK, and PM-16QAMA single modulator can be used for the bulk of coherent optical testing.
Excellent linearity supports modulation of multi-level signalsThe linearity of the RF amplifiers and modulator are what allow multiple formats to be modulated from a single instrument.
Modulates single- or dual-polarization signalsTesting of a single polarization may be acceptable for early testing, but most coherent optical devices support dual polarization.
Built-in C- or L-band laser sourceThe instrument includes a narrow-linewidth (100kHz) laser for ease-of-setup.
Supports external laser sourcesAlthough a laser source is built in, customers may need to test with their own laser source instead.
Supports manual and automatic bias controls of amplifiers and modulatorProper bias control of the RF amplifiers and modulator is critical for signal quality.  Auto control uses an optical, closed-loop feedback path to maintain proper bias.  Manual control allows customer override for testing specific scenarios.
Tektronix is only T&M vendor that can provide a complete solution for coherent optical signal generation, modulation, acquisition, and analysisCustomers can purchase a complete test system from a proven, worldwide vendor without the risks associated with integrating multiple vendors.


C             Built-in C-band laser

L              Built-in L-band laser

NL           No built-in laser

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