OM4000 Optical Modulation Analyzer

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The OM4245 uses coherent detection to acquire fiber signals carrying up to 80 GBaud, then analyzes both modulation and source properties using the power of DSP. It presents a rich library of results and graphical plots. Dynamic MATLAB integration provides the ultimate in analysis system customization and extensibility.

The OM4245 Coherent Optical Modulation Analyzer provides the ultimate flexibility in your system configuration by being tightly integrated with the DP070000SX Series 70 GHz real-time oscilloscopes and the DSA8300 Series 70 GHz equivalent-time oscilloscope.

For higher baud rates, the OM70000 Optical Modulation Test System can provide over 100GBaud of testing capability with a 70GHz Optical Receiver.

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25 GHz


45 GHz



Complete characterization of signals up to 80 GBaud with the DPO70000SX Series 70 GHz real-time oscilloscope and the DSA8300 Series 70 GHz equivalent-time oscilloscopeTight integration with both real-time and equivalent-time Tektronix Oscilloscopes for calibrated system performance
Support for multi-carrier systems, including 400G superchannelsPerforms automated testing of multi-carrier systems and provides integrated channel measurement results for fast analysis
Optimal signal processing algorithms for optical signalsNo need to be a signal processing expert to get the best results
Detailed analysis of phase or amplitude-modulated signalsQ-factor plots provide BER vs. decision threshold and SNR
Support for dual polarization transmissionSee tributary polarization state and extinction ratio
Compatible with 3rd Party Coherent ReceiversOM2210 provides flexibility to support future & existing needs
Direct MATLAB InterfaceEnables quick, customizable analysis based on any variable
Two narrow linewidth ECDL lasers built into systemAssists in rapid calibration verification


Data SheetSoftware Package / Software OptionDescriptionConfigure and Quote
MCS Adds multi-carrier (superchannel) support. Contact Us
OM1106 Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer Software Configure & Quote

Adds QAM and other software demodulators.

Contact Us
CC C-band lasers, receiver
LL L-band lasers, receiver
EXT Adds external connectors for reference laser


OM2210 C C-Band Coherent Receiver Calibration Source (single laser) with software
OM2210 CC C-Band Coherent Receiver Calibration Source (dual lasers) with software
OM2210 L L-Band Coherent Receiver Calibration Source (dual lasers) with software
OM2210 LL L-Band Coherent Receiver Calibration Source (dual lasers) with software
OM2210 CL C + L-Band Coherent Receiver Calibration Source (1 each laser) with software
OM2210 NL C + L-Band Coherent Receiver Calibration Source (no lasers) with software


Choosing an Oscilloscope for Coherent Optical Modulation Analysis

Learn about the basic technologies used to convert complex modulated optical signals to electrical signals capable of being acquired by an oscilloscope, coherent detection techniques and why real-time or equivalent-time scopes may be chosen, and see a number of equipment configurations that support coherent demodulation and analysis.

Technical Brief
Coherent Optical Measurements Reference Poster

Quickly and easily identify the cause of coherent optical transmitter and receiver impairments with this reference poster.

Coherent Optical Signal Generation with High-Performance AWG

Learn how instrument characteristics and performance level of the AWG70000 influence the ability to generate different modulation schemes and the way the instrument’s flexibility can be used to compensate for internal and external device imperfections and to emulate component and link distortions.

Application Note
Automating Bit Error Rate Measurements of Complex Modulated Optical Signals

Common to all digital communications systems is the need to characterize bit error rates (BER). In this application note, you will learn how the Tektronix OM4106D Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer enables access to the complete set of variables for characterizing complex optical signals on fiber.

Application Note
2017 Tektronix and Keithley Product Catalog

Browse the new Tektronix and Keithley Product Catalog and explore our complete line of test and measurement solutions. You will find over 130 pages of key product details and specifications, application information, quick-reference selection guides and more for our complete line of products.

Selection Guide
Watch this coherent measurement demonstration of industry’s only optical modulation analysis software supporting multi-OMA systems in applications such as spatial division multiplexing. Our video…
0h 3m 55s
Learn about the coherent modulation being considered for 400G networks, the key building blocks of a coherent test system, how to optimize measurement accuracy and the benefits of customizable…
0h 42m 47s

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