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Cable TV Operators

Tektronix Video test products help cable operators in these areas:

  • Headend monitoring at a range of network access points like ingest, transport and access
  • Detection and recovery of major subscriber impacting events (QoE errors) including video freeze/black, tiling, audio silence ad audio level issues
  • Network Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Secondary or Regional Headend Monitoring

Product Description
Sentry Acquisition: Sentry's "Deep Dive" monitoring enables video service providers to detect Video & Audio level impairments in the incoming feeds (e.g. the SPTS from the satellite receivers). This includes perceptual video and audio QoE scoring (tiling, audio disruptions and audio level issues, etc.), black/frozen screen and audio silence.
Sentry Verify Ingress Monitoring: Sentry Verify enables video service providers to detect transport, video and audio errors on the incoming feeds at each of the regional headends.
Sentry Edge RF Monitoring: Sentry Edge enables video service providers to detect RF, Transport, Video and Audio errors on the output of the QAM modulators.
  • See Cable Network Diagram using Sentry, Medius & Consul »

Checking File Based Audio and Video Before Playout in VoD Systems

Product Description
CYCSW Ensuring that the audio and video quality of VoD/TSTV content meets QoS guidelines prior to distribution across all video servers

Network Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Product Description
MTS4000 The MTS4000 MPEG Analyzer is ideal for the analysis and troubleshooting of audio/video and transport problems in 10G networks for fault isolation and root cause analysis. Cross-layer analysis of the video and audio quality includes real-time video and audio QoE analysis, Picture Quality Analysis, and advanced Elementary Stream analysis including H.264 intra profile and SVC support.
MTS4EAB Elementary Stream Analysis software including advanced Elementary Stream analysis including H.264 intra profile and SVC support.
  • Multiplexer for generating a library of regression test streams
  • TSCA to verify the TS compliance and content of test streams
  • Buffer Analyzer to verify compliance of test streams with the T-STD buffer model
VQS1000 Video Quality software for detecting Video and Audio QoE video impairments. Used to analyze any Transport Stream file for off line analysis.


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