UHD: The Future is Clear


By Michael Brett


In today’s changing television landscape – with new opportunities for access, more devices to view on, and an increasing demand for the highest quality – what are the keys to not only winning new viewers but keeping your current viewers watching and engaged?

The answer is rock solid delivery and incredible Quality of Experience (QoE).

The data is clear as illustrated in the illustrated in the infographic below: viewers are streaming more, demanding more and watching more than ever before. And Sentry quality monitoring solution from Tektronix is helping broadcasters ensure both the seamless delivery and flawless QoE people now expect.

Whether you’re taking the step into live, linear OTT, or live HD broadcasts, or you just want to prepare for the emergence of 4K and 8K, Tektronix is ready to help you not only meet your needs today but be prepared for the future.

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