If you’re developing the materials or devices of the future like silicon-based compound semiconductors, thin film for solar cells, graphene and other nanoscale materials, etc., you’re at the fore-front of breakthroughs in new applications in semiconductor technology, electronics, medical devices, health care, and more. Let us show you the latest innovations and techniques for accurate electrical characterization of these advanced materials, including:

  • Electrochemistry Characterization
  • Measurement of Nanoscale Materials
  • Hall Effect Test of Graphene Device Structures
  • Pulsed I-V Testing of Compound Semi Devices/Materials
  • Focused Ion Beam Current Monitoring
  • Characterization of Nanocrystals
  • C-V Characterization of Solar Cells
  • Semiconductor Parameter Analysis
  • Ultra-Low Current Measurements

Our comprehensive solutions for electrical characterizations of new materials and devices can help you invent deeper and reimagine our world.


Performing Cyclic Voltammetry Measurements Using 2450-EC or 2460-EC Electrochemistry Lab Systems

This application note outlines using either a 2450-EC or 2460-EC Electrochemistry Lab System to perform cyclic voltammetry using the built-in test script and electrochemistry translation cable accessory kit.

Leakage Current and Insulation Resistance Measurements
Characterizing Nanoscale Devices with Differential Conductive Measurements

With appropriate instrumentation, the four-wire source current/measure voltage method is a great improvement over older differential conductance measurements, which are slow, noisy, and complex.  The new technique's single sweep shortens hours of data collection to a few minutes, while improving accuracy.

Hall Effect Measurements Essential for Characterizing High Carrier Mobility
Resistivity Measurements Using the Model 2450 SourceMeter SMU Instrument and a Four-Point Collinear Probe
Electrical Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Transistors (CNT FETs) with the Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System
Four-Probe Resistivity and Hall Voltage Measurements with the Model 4200-SCS
Making High Resistance Measurements on Small Crystals in Inert Gas or High Vacuum w/ the Model 6517A

The webinar covers semiconductor and other material characterization using Hall…

Use Hall Effect Measurements for the Characterization of New and Existing Materials
Tips and Techniques to Simplify MOSFET/MOSCAP Device Characterization

This webinar presents a new process that makes characterization and parameter extraction easier and quicker. We'll be discussing the extraction of common parameters as well as which tests to run to get the most information about your device.


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