When programming a PWS4000 power supply, a RSV error randomly shows up on the display.


I am using LabView to control my PWS4305; however, when trying to communicate to the power supply, randomly, a RSV code will show up on the PWS4305.  This code does not trigger any error in the LabView program but makes the PWS being non-operational.  What is this code and how do I clear it?


In the manual (page 11), there are five options given for display messages that appear in the upper window (OFF, CV, CC, OVP, and RI).  The RSV message is missing from this list.  The RSV message indicates that the remote sense connections are incorrect.   Please see page 11 and 12 of the PWS4000 User Manual 071276101 “Rear Panel at a Glance item 5” for remote sense jumpers and connections.

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Product Series: Tektronix PWS4000 DC Power Supply

Product: PWS4205, PWS4305, PWS4323, PWS4602, PWS4721

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