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HALT & HASS Testing

To get a reliable product to market in the shortest period of time, you need a process that quickly stresses the product and points out any possible design and manufacturing weaknesses.

HALT Testing

Highly accelerated life testing, or HALT testing, is a proven method to find design defects and weaknesses in electronic and mechanical assemblies that would very likely appear in end-use applications, causing product failures in the field. As a result, the HALT testing process can effectively intensify product reliability.

The process of HALT testing stresses far exceeding those intended in its field application. Stresses of temperature, rapid thermal cycle, and vibration (multi-axis) are used to rapidly facilitate and discover design weaknesses and manufacturing problems. Through failure analysis and corrective action, weaknesses discovered during HALT testing lead to design and manufacturing changes to improve the product’s overall design while reducing overall development time.

When performing HALT testing, the objective is to force failures on an accelerated basis. All failures should be analyzed to determine the root cause and corrective actions as applicable. The results of HALT testing allow companies to enter the market place with the confidence that their product is reliable.

HASS Testing

Highly accelerated stress screening, or HASS testing, is a screening tool used to maintain product robustness and to identify weaknesses in manufacturing. From HALT testing we are able to extrapolate data that allows us to subject your product to a HASS that is more aggressive than conventional ESS (Environmental Stress Screen) levels.

Since HASS levels are more aggressive than conventional screening tools, a POS (proof-of-screen) procedure is used to establish the HASS effectiveness in exciting your test article to find manufacturing weaknesses, but not so high as to remove significant life from the test item. Instituting HASS to screen your product is an excellent tool to maintain a high level of robustness and it will reduce the test time required to screen a product, thus resulting in long-term savings.

The combined advantages of HASS/HALT testing are enormous: Not only do you lower product-development costs and speed up time-to-market; you can slash warranty costs — all the while improving customer satisfaction! Tektronix experienced HALT testing engineers can assist you with all your HASS/HALT testing requirements.

With our experienced technical staff and on-site test equipment from leading industry suppliers, we can help you with all your testing requirements. For more than 70 years, Fortune 500 companies in the military, aerospace, telecom, medical and semiconductor industries have relied upon Tektronix to satisfy their component-through-product level test requirements.


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