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TestEquity LLC

TestEquity LLC Since 1971, TestEquity LLC has prided itself in being a customer first company, providing premium service and innovative solutions to meet our customers' electronic test equipment needs. We specialize in the sale, rental and leasing of new and reconditioned products.

Product Specialization

5 Series MSO, TTR500, RSA series, MDO3000, DPO/MSO2000B, TBS/TDS1000/2000C/3000C series, TPS2000B, THS3000, MDO4000C, DPO/MSO5000B, AFG1000/3000C, FCA3000, DMM, Power Supplies and Meters, Probes, USB RF, Accessories and Keithley: DMM, SMU, Power Supplies and Switching. For Rental needs, TestEquity offers the entire Tektronix Instruments Business and Keithley branded products and accessories.


Countries Served

United States


Country City/State or Province Contact
United States Madison, Alabama Phone:+1 (850) 316-0905 Fax:+1 (561) 737-1408
United States Chandler, Arizona Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Gilbert, Arizona Phone:+1 (480) 234-5560
United States Costa Mesa, California Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Fremont, California Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Granada Hills, California Phone:+1 (650)-906-7677
United States Lake Forest, California Phone:+1 (514) 703-3868
United States Moorpark, California Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457 Fax:+1 (805) 498-6033
United States Stockton, California Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Walnut Creek, California Phone:+1 (925) 454-1122 Fax:+1 (925) 454-1121
United States Orlando, Florida Phone:+1 (805) 498-9933
United States Alpharetta, Georgia Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Inverness, Illinois Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Syracuse, Indiana Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457 Fax:+1 (800) 272-4329
United States Westminster, Maryland Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Malden, Massachusetts Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States North Attleboro, Massachusetts Phone:+1 (508) 409-8990
United States Berkley, Michigan Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Woodbury, Minnesota Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Washington, Missouri Phone:+1 (636) 259-6888
United States Leroy, New York Phone:+1 (805)498-4933
United States Greensboro, North Carolina Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457
United States Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Phone:+1 (800) 950-3457
United States Knoxville, Tennessee Phone:+1 (865) 603-0569
United States Plano, Texas Phone:+1 (972) 470-9388 Fax:+1 (972) 470-0577
United States Round Rock, Texas Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457 Fax:+1 (281) 324-6469
United States Tomball, Texas Phone:+1 (800) 732-3457

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