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Why can’t I access certain OID’s in my WFM/WVR product using SNMP?

Question :

Why can’t I access certain OID’s in my WFM/WVR product using SNMP?

Answer :

The WFM700 series, WFM6000/7000 series and the WVR6000/7000 series products all share a common management information base (MIB) but the sintruments do not all have identical features. As a result of this, not all object IDs are accessible from each unit. For example you may have noticed some OIDs pertaining to Dolby audio in the MIB file but the WFM700M has no Dolby capability, this is because in this case the WVR7100 and WFM7100 do have those capabilities. If you download the programmer's manual for these instruments which is available from our website at the following address:

WFM Series & WVR Series Reference

you can see a list of all the OIDs and what they mean. In addition to this information, at the far right edge of the table are two columns indicating which instrument implements these OIDs (in the current version of the manual, the WVR7100 column roughly corresponds to the WFM7100 instrument as well). For example, "sdiYCrcErrSecs" appears on page 71 of the manual and the right two columns indicate that this value is only implemented in the WVR7100 and not in the WFM700M despite being measured by that instrument.

The programmer’s manual should clearly indicate which object IDs can be read from which instruments and also what measurement value those OIDs correspond to.

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