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Quality Control for File-Based Video Workflows Primer

The media industry is being revolutionized with the adoption of file-based workflows. Having a big picture understanding of the functions that make up file-based workflows is essential for knowing how to effectively implement quality control. These include looking at the overall physical architecture, implementing media asset management systems and managing the content from acquisition to delivery. New applications—such as streaming delivery—are now possible and improve operational efficiencies. Traditional video technologies are being adapted to work with general purpose IT technologies. Ongoing development ensures that tomorrow’s workflows will evolve from those used today.

A key component of a file-based workflow is quality control. QC software can be used to assist the human operator, by finding both visible defects and those hidden within the file. Compliance to a broadcaster’s delivery specification can be determined prior to delivery, avoiding rejected content. Automated QC can scale in capacity to meet the growing volume of content that must be tested.

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