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What switching products does Keithley offer its telecom customers?

Question :

What switching products does Keithley offer its telecom customers?

Answer :

Keithley offers a variety of switch contact configurations (from 1 form A to 4 form A to 2 form C to SP5T) and a number of switching functions, including isolated switches, multiplexers, and matrices. In addition, our wide variety of dense switching cards enables customers to switch large numbers of very low-level signals, power signals, digital input and output, low frequency signals (e.g. audio), and radio frequency signals, including microwave - all in one system.

Our cards are housed in one of four switch mainframes enabling our customers to select the scale and functionality that best meets their needs. For example, when connected in a master-slave configuration, the 707A can control up to 2880 matrix crosspoints.

We also offer complete switching solutions, such as the 7116-MWS. The 7116-MWS is a complete 16-channel microwave switch system.

Finally, if you are still unable to meet the exact needs of your customer, Keithley offers custom switching solutions. (For key customers, we are willing to consider developing new, off-the-shelf products to meet their needs as well.)

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