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Jitter Measurement and Timing Analysis

Understanding timing jitter has become a mandatory part of high-speed communications system design as today’s serial data standards require extensive jitter compliance tests.  Tektronix' comprehensive test instrumentation portfolio enables you to meet your design goals and compliance requirements – fast.

  • TekScope AnywhereTM Waveform Analysis:  Users now have the flexibility to perform timing, eye, and jitter analysis outside the lab that can easily be shared between team members in a networked environment.
  • 80SJNB Jitter, Timing, and SDLA Visualizer Analysis for Sampling Oscilloscopes: 80SJNB is an all-purpose tool that enables engineers to specify a de-embed filter, Time Domain Waveform or S-Parameter for channel embedding. 80SJNB also performs timing, noise and mask testing analysis to get a 3-D view of the eye diagram performance for deep, accurate evaluation on signals with speeds beyond 50GHz.