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CalWeb® | Cloud-Based Asset Management

CalWeb enables you to easily manage asset pools and calibration programs. Basic access to CalWeb is provided when you choose Tektronix as your calibration service provider.

More advanced options in CalWeb enable the efficient management of all your assets, Out-of-Tolerance events and approvals, as well as check-in and check-out of equipment.

Secure, Easy-to-Use & FDA Compliant

CalWeb is compliant with the FDA’s 21 CFR Parts 11 and 820 making it an ideal calibration program management system for customers in regulated, safety-critical industries that impact human health and safety. CalWeb is built to ensure service records, including calibration and preventative maintenance, are stored securely and are globally available from any device.

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Tek Asset View

Increase Your Productivity With Effective Asset Management:

  • New! Barcode creation, printing, and scanning
  • Easily access calibration certificates and manage calibration intervals
  • Maintain equipment inventory status
  • Track equipment work-in-progress during service events
  • Optional system integration with local ERP, LIMS and others
  • New! Receive automatic notifications for calibration services due


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Tek Compliance

Take the Worry Out of Your Next Audit:

  • Compliant with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 electronic data management regulations
  • Manage out-of-tolerance events and approvals with tailored forms
  • Easily access, print and download calibration certificates
  • Comprehensive audit trail for all assets
  • Easily administer preventive maintenance schedules and checks


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Tek Optimize

Maximize Capital and Operations ROI Through Comprehensive Asset Management:

  • New! Create, schedule, run, and download custom reports
  • Analyze calibration intervals for optimization
  • Track equipment work-in-progress during service events
  • Easily administer preventive maintenance schedules and checks
  • Tailored screens, reports and datasheets
  • New! Integration API to enable population of data in your proprietary system
  • Logistics module includes request/approval functions:
    • Asset loaner reservation system
    • New equipment requests
    • Supplies request


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CalWeb - Tek Optimize