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Focus on your job, not servicing your equipment


Tektronix Managed Services includes several options to keep your teams productive and allow them to focus on their core competencies, not managing their equipment.

  • Active Exchange
  • Assets On Demand
  • Field Fulfillment Store
  • Professional Services

An effective program helps you quickly answer questions including:

  • How long does it take to get your equipment serviced?
  • How much downtime do you suffer while your equipment is being serviced?
  • How does your organization manage loaning equipment across sites?
  • How many vendors does it take to maintain your equipment?
  • How do you reduce the bureaucracy and free your people to focus on their jobs?

Get help managing your assets:


Active Exchange

Effortless Equipment Management

Ensure your distributed workforce always has the right tools to get their job done. Our services eliminate the need to track down equipment and maintain service records.

  • Advanced replacement of your workforce's tools
  • Equipment is stored and maintained by Tektronix

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managed services

Assets On Demand

Your Equipment, When You Need It. 

Tektronix frees you from the pain of managing equipment pools, so you can focus on managing your people. Streamline the process of issuing new equipment, sending loaners or replacements to your workforce, as well as withdrawing equipment from service.

  • Tek stages equipment for deployment and consolidation
  • Procurement, inventory control and asset disposal services available

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Field Fulfillment Store

Simple, Centralized Ordering and Replenishment

Tektronix can manage your supplies and ordering processes. Don’t worry about filling requests for basic supplies your team needs to get their work done. Your distributed workforce can make requests from anywhere. Tek will fulfill based on your customized approval process and ship directly to your team.

Redirect your time and attention to managing your team, not their supplies.

  • Tek stores all your supplies
  • Tek manages requests and logistics

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managed services
managed services

Professional Services

Tektronix offers a variety of professional services to help you fully optimize your equipment pools. Our experienced practitioners deliver consulting, project management, and asset inventory standardization services. 

  • Calibration interval analysis
  • Equipment lifecycle cost analysis
  • Procurement decision support
  • CalWeb customization and system integration to meet your specific needs
  • Asset utilization optimization
  • Data standardization and upload
  • Customized asset tracking