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While we’re happy to “talk tech” with you all day long, we know you’re in a hurry. So we’ve made it easy for you to download manuals, datasheets and software for all our current products, and many discontinued products as well. Just tell us which product you’re using, and we’ll show you everything we have.

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    Smart Antenna for Tektronix USB Spectrum Analyzers
    Tektronix offers the Alaris DF-A0047 direction finding antenna for use in interference hunting applications with our USB spectrum analyzers and SignalVu-PC Map application software. The DF-A0047 contains multiple antennas and a user-selectable …
  • Learn how to properly measure the Channel Power of a pulsed RF signal using a real-time spectrum analyzer. By properly setting up the analysis settings, the channel power of the RF pulse, as well …
    Duration: 3:18
    Discover how the RSA306 can help you find interference faster than any other instruments.
    Duration: 2m 1s
    All Tektronix USB Portable Analyzers are tested to Military Standards but we wanted to see what they were really capable of. Could our spectrum analyzers survive a 1st story drop? A truck? A …
    Duration: 2m 57s
    In the fast growing wireless design and Internet of Things market, the importance of choosing the right wireless RF module is vital to your design and overall company’s success.In this webinar …
    Duration: 25m 15s
    It’s useful to ensure that your ZigBee Radio RF module is turning on correctly before you integrate it into a ZigBee device. See how to perform this test with your PC using the RSA607A and …
    Duration: 7m 36s
    Real-Time spectrum analysis is the practice of using specialized algorithms to significantly increase the number of spectrum processed per second. The main specification  associates with Real-Time …
    Duration: 6m 22s
    Digital demodulation is valuable for those who need to validate or characterize the quality of a digital communication channel. Measurements such as error vector magnitude (EVM), can tell you a …
    Duration: 6m 17s
    Limit line testing in a Spectrum Analyzer is an important feature for a variety of applications. Examples include EMI Pre Compliance and Diagnostics, so that the Design Engineer can save pain and …
    Duration: 2m 18s
    Learn how to perform multi-domain signal analysis of 5G base station and user equipment systems.  See the benefits of using a mixed domain oscilloscope for analyzing RF amplifier performance.  …
    Duration: 6:47
    Watch to learn how you can simplify several 3GPP 5G New Radio transmitter tests. You’ll see how to verify transmitter characteristics including power, power dynamics, signal quality and RF …
    Duration: 8:50
    See how to characterize radar signals using the Pulse Measurement Suite (RSA Option 20, SignalVu option SVP). You'll see how to avoid common mistakes as well as learn something about how certain …
    Duration: 30:43
    In this video, we're looking at a comparison of the sweep speeds with a low RBW between the RSA507A and the Rohde & Schwarz FSH. You'd want to use a low RBW to do a sweep to get the lowest noise …
    Duration: 4m 34s
    Watch this video for a quick demonstration of the main features of DataVu-PC. Using the demonstration file included with the software, you’ll see the three main analysis screens, playback controls …
    Duration: 4m 4s
    Watch this video to see how to perform a radiated EMI pre-compliance test, to ensure your device complies with the WLAN IEEE 802.11 standards, using the RSA607A and SignalVu-PC software.
    Duration: 8m 33s
    The RSA306 and SignalVu-PC software running on a PC provide powerful USB Spectrum Analysis capabilities. In this brief video, you will see how the this instrument can help you see signals that you …
    Duration: 2m 58s
    Make sure you’re getting good signal strength from your wireless LAN device by testing for first turn on using a Tektronix RSA607A controlled by your PC and SignalVu-PC software.
    Duration: 6m 49s
    Teach RF beyond the basics and beyond the lab with the RSA306.
    Duration: 1m 40s
    Discover the new member of the RSA spectrum analyzer family. A full featured analyzer for half the price of a conventional unit. Watching this 1 minute video will change the way you see spectrum …
    Duration: 1m 9s
    Don’t fail EMC. Using the Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum analyzer with DPX ®technology, you can see signals under signals and signals under noise. This enhanced insight allows you to identify EMI …
    Duration: 5m 50s
    In this video we compare EMI compliance results obtained using a full Compliance Receiver set-up versus a low-cost approach using a Tektronix RSA Spectrum Analyzer. You’ll see how these results …
    Duration: 10m 7s
    Learn how to perform a parametric test covered by the ZigBee standard, including modulation quality and error vector magnitude measurements as well as spectrum emissions mask, signal quality and …
    Duration: 5m 17s
    Pass EMI Compliance the first time by pre-testing your Bluetooth device in your own lab, using a USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer and SignalVu-PC software.
    Duration: 6m 23s
    Learn how to test that your Bluetooth device is turning on and transmitting correctly, using a RSA607A real-time spectrum analyzer controlled by SignalVu-PC software.
    Duration: 7m 28s
    This video discusses how to save and recall data in Real-Time spectrum analyzers, with some features that are unique to Tektronix solutions. We use SignalVu-PC and an RSA507A to demonstrate.
    Duration: 7m 27s
    Application Engineer Alan Wolke shows basic vector signal properties of a 10.5 GHz pulse Doppler radar, such as spectrums over time, frequency deviation over time, and amplitude deviation over …
    Duration: 8m 46s
    Watch this video to see how to test Bluetooth parameters for the physical layer using the RSA607A USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with SignalVu-PC software.
    Duration: 4m 33s
    Perform a quick EMI pre-compliance test of your Internet of Things device and have the confidence that you’ll pass final EMI Compliance Testing. This test is performed using the RSA607B controlled …
    Duration: 6m 4s
    Get RF analysis power in the palm of your hand at an unmatched price with the RSA306B. Small on price and big on performance the RSA306B now has improved dynamic range and a 3-year warranty.
    Duration: 1m 21s
    DataVu-PC has tools like frequency mask, pulse descriptor words and smart markers, to help you find any needle in any size haystack. Your data recordings can be 10’s or 100’s of gigabytes in size …
    Duration: 5m 20s
    This step by step video will show you the quickest path between removing the RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer from the box and making measurements. 
    Duration: 4m 54s
    Get the full featured spectrum analyzers you need in one small, low price package. Whether your analysis takes you to the field or the lab, from interference hunting and spectrum management to …
    Duration: 1m 26s
    Today our real-time spectrum analyzers with powerful SignalVu software help engineers see more of their signals than ever before. Take a journey through time to see how we got here. Find out more …
    Duration: 2m 1s
    Learn how to conduct wireless LAN parametric RF testing for the physical layer against the IEEE 802.11 standards, using the RSA607A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer controlled from a PC powered by …
    Duration: 7m 59s
    Fast and light, the RSA503A and RSA507A are your all-in-one field tools for Spectrum Analysis. They are USB spectrum analyzers, interference hunters and cable and antennae testers with tracking …
    Duration: 1m 43s
    Analog modulation is still often used today for some lower cost RF devises as well as legacy communications and broadcast networks. A proven technology, but there still a need to test these kinds …
    Duration: 3m 18s
    See how Lily MedTech applied the RSA306B USB spectrum / signal analyzer together with EMCVu to perform EMI EMC pre-compliance test on site.
    Duration: 1m 50s
    Sometimes bad things happen to good scopes!  Ensure you've got it covered with a Total Product Protection plan from Tektronix, the only coverage plan available for test equipment with accident …
    Duration: 1m 2s