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Nghiên cứu điển hình Đại học Oxford Brookes

Accelerating Engineering Education

Student from Oxford Brookes poses with Tektronix tools that were used to build an electric racecar 

Tektronix gave a team of student engineers the tools they needed to build an electric racecar, accelerating their knowledge of engineering. Applying the principles learned in the classroom to a hands-on project gave them valuable experience to gain an edge in the industry.

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The Customer Challenge

Founded in 1999 in the UK, Oxford Brookes University has a strong legacy in automotive and motorsport research and education.

They encourage their students to practice and apply their growing knowledge of engineering in extra-curricular programs like Oxford Brookes Racing, which builds racecars from scratch and races their creations against other universities.

For many years, their students built a variety of combustion motor racecars, but in the 2019/2020 season they decided to build their first completely electric vehicle.

The problem was that creating an electric racecar required a variety of test and measurement tools to optimize and validate their designs. Developing a cutting-edge electric racecar requires cutting edge tools. And, since the engineers utilizing the new equipment the most would be students, Oxford Brookes hoped to reduce their learning curve with reliable, user-friendly features and interfaces.

The Solution

Tektronix provided the Oxford Brookes Racing team with a robust and versatile bench of test and measurement equipment, including:

With these and other high-end tools, Oxford Brookes’ engineering students can accurately and efficiently test and validate the prototyped electrical system concepts for their electric racecar. Tektronix’s modern and intuitive user interfaces help students spend less time learning the equipment and more time pushing both their skills and their designs to the limits of their potential.

In addition to supporting the students building their first electric racecar, this new equipment also enhances the research capabilities of the engineering program’s ongoing research related to advanced energy storage, applied controls, and electro-mechanical innovation 

The Tektronix equipment has given students the ability to develop the skills and knowledge needed to design and build an award-winning Formula Student vehicle. Additionally, this partnership has furthered the university’s battery electric vehicle (BEV) research by aligning researchers and students with a common interest. We are very exciting to be working with Tektronix and look forward to future success.

– Brady Planden | Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University

Products, Software, and Services Provided

Bench Configuration

Hardware Description
MDO3024 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope MDO3024 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, 200 MHz, 2.5GS/S
For affordable, reliable, high-accuracy signal measurements
RSA306B compact and portable Spectrum Analyzer RSA306B compact and portable Spectrum Analyzer
For High-fidelity, low noise spectrum analysis
AFG1022 Arbitrary Function Generator AFG1022 Arbitrary Function Generator, 25MHz, 125 MS/s, 14-bit
For flexible, efficient waveform generation
 Keithley DMM7510: 7 1/2 - Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter Keithley DMM7510: 7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter
A precise, high-resolution digitizer
 2230G High Power, 3 Channel Programmable Power Supply 2230G High Power, 3 Channel Programmable Power Supply
A compact, 3-channel power supply

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