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Active Power Rail Probes

TPR1000 and TPR4000 Datasheet

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TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
TPR1000 and TPR4000 Datasheet

The TPR1000 and TPR4000 probes provide a low noise, large offset range solution for measurement of ripple on DC power rails ranging from –60 to +60 VDC. Tektronix’s power rail probes offer industry leading low noise and high offset range required to measure AC ripple between 200 μVp-p and 800 mVp-p at up to 4 GHz.

Key performance specifications

  • Compatible with the 6 series MSO, 5 series MSO, 4 Series MSO, 3 Series MDO, MDO3000 , MDO4000C, MSO/DPO5000B, DPO7000C, and DPO70000C/⁠DX/⁠SX oscilloscopes. Due to software incompatibilities between the TPR1000 and TPR4000 probes and the MDO3000 and MDO4000C oscilloscopes, the accuracy of probe measurements is reduced when these oscilloscopes are used in vertical scale settings less than 2 mV/division. For all other vertical scale settings, the specified accuracy of the probe is maintained. DPO70000 oscilloscopes require the optional TCA-VPI50 adapter.
  • Bandwidth:
    • DC coupling mode:
      • TPR1000: DC to 1 GHz
      • TPR4000: DC to 4 GHz
    • DC reject mode:
      • TPR1000: 10 kHz to 1 GHz
      • TPR4000: 10 kHz to 4 GHz
    • Frequency response optimized for <1 Ω source impedance.
    • Through SMA-to-SMA cable or Solder Micro-Coax tip.
  • Linear dynamic range: Up to 60 V DC, 1 Vp-p to bandwidth. Max AC RMS of 1 V.
  • Attenuation: 1.25x. Frequency response optimized for <1 Ω source impedance.
  • Measurement accuracy:
    • DC linearity: <0.1%
    • Step response long-term aberrations: ±1%
  • Noise:
    • <300 μVp-p noise on 6 Series MSO (20 MHz BW Limit)
    • <1 mVp-p noise on 6 Series MSO (Full Bandwidth)
  • Input impedance:
    • 50 kΩ DC to 10 kHz
    • 50 Ω AC > 100 kHz
  • Temperature range at tip:
    • –40 to +125 °C (standard accessories)
    • –40 to +155 °C (high temperature cable option)
    • Comp box and oscilloscope temperature range limited to 0 to +55 °C.
  • Offset:
    • ±60 V offset range
    • Offset setting error: ±2 mV max, ±0.4 μV typical


  • Probing chipsets for power rail voltage supply and control in automotive, industrial and consumer markets
  • Probing digital power management, memory and Ethernet connectivity
  • Probing noise sources on high-frequency power rails

Why use a power-rail probe?

The added functionality, higher density, and faster switching speeds of modern electronic products drive the need for lower supply voltages. Designers need to zoom-in on power rails to look for high-frequency intruder signals, measure ripple and analyze coupling effects with tighter tolerances. Oscilloscopes often don't have enough offset to shift the noise and ripple on DC rails to the center of the screen to make the needed measurements.

The TPR1000 and TPR4000 probes provide a low-noise measurement solution (oscilloscope and probe), which is critical to not confuse the noise of the oscilloscope and probe with the noise and ripple of the DC supply being measured. The higher input impedance in the probes minimize the oscilloscope loading effect on DC rails (50 kΩ at DC). The probes provide higher bandwidth to see more signal content (harmonics, faster ripples, etc.) on DC rails that could affect data signals, clocks, etc.

The TPR1000 and TPR4000 provide a best-in-class integrity solution for power integrity and validation engineers in the high speed (μP), low power (mobile) and switched-mode power supply markets. The probes are designed to offer the lowest noise with high bandwidth at 60 V offset, flexible connectivity options to cover customers challenges, and software packages to cover the digital power management market.

Connectivity using probe accessories

The available probe accessories provide solutions for reliable and repeatable power rail measurements.

TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Probe accessories to enable connectivity


All specifications are guaranteed unless noted otherwise. All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.

TPR1000: 1 GHz
TPR4000: 4 GHz
Offset voltage range
±60 V
Dynamic range
±1 V
Input resistance
50 kΩ DC

50 Ω AC

Input coupling
DC, LF reject
1 mV
System noise
<300 μVP-P (with 20 MHz bandwidth limit)
<1.3 mVP-P (at full bandwidth of oscilloscope)
Using 6 Series MSO oscilloscopes. With grounded input and maximum sensitivity set to 1.3 mV/Div.
Frequency response optimized for <1 Ω source impedance.
Connectivity and accessories
New browser, solder-in and snap-on

Ordering information

1 GHz, Single-Ended TekVPI® Power-Rail Probe; includes one TPR4KIT accessory kit
4 GHz, Single-Ended TekVPI® Power-Rail Probe; includes one TPR4KIT accessory kit

Accessory kits

Accessory kits provide flexible and modular connectivity options. Each of the kits are orderable separately.

(std. accessory) (high temp.) (1 GHz browser) (flex tips) (micro-coax tips)
1.3 m cable, SMA male-to-MMCX male, 50 Ω
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
1.3 m cable, SMA male-to-SMA male, 50 Ω
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Y-lead adapter, MMCX female-to-0.8 mm sockets
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Adapter cable, MMCX female-to-U.FL female, 50 Ω
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Adapter, MMCX female-to-square pin (0.062 centers)
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
DUT interface solder pins, set of 20
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Soldering aide tool, 0.062 solder pins over SMT
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Probe tip tripod support (with living hinge)
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Marker bands, set of 5 (for probe identification)
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Wire card, solderable enameled self-fluxing copper wire (for use with the solder-in tips)
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Solder-in cable adapter, MMCX female-to-solder micro-coax tip, 50 Ω, set of 3
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Solder-in cable adapter, MMCX female-to-solder flex-paddle tip, 50 Ω, set of 3
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
2 m high-temperature cable, SMA male-to-MMCX male, 50 Ω
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
1 GHz browser
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Ground leads (blade, 0.5 mm spring, 15 cm alligator)
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Y-lead adapter, browser tip-to-0.8 mm sockets
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Micro-SMD clip
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
Replacement 0.5 mm browser tips (2 solid tips, 2 spring tips)
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915
TPR1000 TPR4000_51W614915