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SignalVu-PC Vector Signal Analysis Software - V4.1.0022

SignalVu-PC VSA software brings the analysis engine of the Tektronix Real-Time Signal Analyzer (RTSA) to your computer, enabling you to analyze live signals from RSA306, RSA500, RSA600, RSA7100A\B Spectrum Analyzers, MSO54, MSO56, MSO58, MSO64, MDO4000B/C Series oscilloscopes, and acquired waveforms from Tektronix real-time signal analyzers and oscilloscopes. Supported instruments: RSA306-SMA, RSA306, RSA306B, RSA503A, RSA507A, RSA513A, RSA518A, RSA603A, RSA607A USB Spectrum Analyzers, RSA7100A\B Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, MSO54, MSO56, MSO58, MSO64 and MDO4000B/C Series Oscilloscopes. Supports files transferred from Real-Time Signal Analyzers (SA2500, H500, RSA3000, RSA6000 Series) and Oscilloscopes (MSO/DPO2000, MSO/DPO3000, MSO/DPO4000, MDO4000, MSO/DPO5000, MSO/DPO7000, MSO/DPO/DSA70000 Series). Simply install SignalVu-PC using the link below, and activate the evaluation mode. Detailed steps are available in the Instructions.

This software applies to: Máy phân tích phổ USB RSA306B, Máy phân tích phổ thời gian thực RSA500 Series, Máy phân tích phổ thời gian thực RSA600 Series, MSO 5 Series B, MSO 6 Series B, Phần mềm phân tích phổ cho tín hiệu tần số vô tuyến và véc-tơ

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