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Product Support and Downloads

While we’re happy to “talk tech” with you all day long, we know you’re in a hurry. So we’ve made it easy for you to download manuals, datasheets and software for all our current products, and many discontinued products as well. Just tell us which product you’re using, and we’ll show you everything we have.

The product model you have chosen is currently available for purchase. The following support information is available.

  • Datasheet Literature Number: ReleaseDate
    Microwave/Counter/Analyzer with Integrated Power Meter
    The Tektronix MCA3000 Microwave Analyzer Series packs many different functions into one feature-rich instrument, offering up to 40 GHz measurements. The MCA3000 Series comes standard with internal memory, a fast data transfer rate of 250k samples/s …
  • Software Document Type Part Number: ReleaseDate
    Firmware Update Loader and FCA3000, FCA3100, and MCA3000 Series Firmware V1.28
    This is a zip-file that includes a loader and firmware for the FCA3000, FCA3003, FCA3020, FCA3100, FCA3103, FCA3120, MCA3027, MCA3040 frequency counter/timer/analyzers.
    Firmware 066122900
    LabVIEW SignalExpress Step for FCA3000, FCA3100, and MCA3000 V1.1.0
    This SignalExpress Step provides the capability to connect, control, acquire and log the data from the FCA3000, FCA3100, and MCA3000 series instruments from the Signal Express Environment. The step has the ability to capture, transfer and save …
    Application 066123201
    TimeView Modulation Domain Analysis Software, 30-day trial
    The TimeView Modulation Domain Analysis Software is used to analyze dynamic signal variation of frequency versus time. This is a 30-day trial version of TVA3000 which is available for sale. This software offers advanced statistical analysis including …
    Demo 063431800