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In the TLA Application how do I load and use a symbol file into my Listing Window or Histogram?

Question :

In the TLA Application how do I load and use a symbol file into my Listing Window or Histogram?

Answer :

The logic analyzer uses two kinds of symbol files: Pattern symbol files and Range symbol files. The Range symbol files can contain function symbols, variable symbols, source code symbols, and color symbols. For a more thorough explanation of Symbol files please see the TLA Online Help topic: Symbol files.

To get started using Symbol files, there are a few examples in the "C:\Program Files\TLA 700\Samples\TLA700 Samples\Symbol Files" folder on your TLA. Open the first two files called AsciiSym.tsf and PatSym.tsf in WordPad to see an example of a typical Pattern symbol file. Create groups for an 8 channel bus and a 4 channel bus in your TLA Application Channel Setup. Add the 8 channel and 4 channel bus to your Listing Window and take an acquisition. Select the column corresponding to the 8 channel bus. Right click and go to Properties. Select the Column Tab and at the bottom is a section for choosing the Radix. Select Symbolic and choose the asciisym.tsf symbol file and click Apply. The 8 bit pattern will change to the ASCII representation. Now do the same steps for the 4 channel bus but select the patsym.tsf symbol file. The four bit pattern will change to its Symbol names and assigned colors.

For an example of a Range Symbol file open the example called tla7qs.tsf in the same folder as the other two example symbol files. A Histogram requires this type of Symbol file. For more information on Range Symbol files see the Online Help topic "Function range symbols." To load a Range Symbol file into your Histogram choose Properties from the Histogram Window and select the Ranges tab. Where is says "Define Ranges Using" choose Symbolic.

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Product Series: TLA7000 TLA7000 TLA7000


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