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Inspiring Student's Curiosity

Students at University of Naples 

Investing in education is the key to the future of innovation. Tektronix is committed to helping university engineering programs around the world give their students and faculty the tools they need to own the future.

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The Customer Challenge

Michele Riccio is an engineering professor at the University of Naples who is passionate about passing along what he calls "the engineering philosophy" to his students. He believes curiosity and an almost frantic drive to learn are crucial to success in the field of engineering.

One of the challenges he faces as a professor is that his students often find it difficult to understand electrical engineering when it’' purely hypothetical. Imagining what happens in a circuit is challenging and provides minimal motivation to learn more.

But, actually seeing a signal in a circuit and observing the problems in that signal works like a spark for his students' passion and curiosity. Accurate, accessible, and reliable test and measurement equipment are the best tools to make that spark happen.

The Solution

As an engineer himself, Michele has used Tektronix oscilloscopes for decades. In his experience, Tek's scopes have consistently been reliable and efficient. So he knew he wanted his students to be using Tektronix equipment, too.

By purchasing a 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, the University of Naples enabled Michele and his students to focus more attention on the experiment at hand, rather than worrying about the tool being used to monitor it.

In terms of helping his students visualize what's going on in a design, Michele appreciates the greater bit depth and higher number of analog and digital channels offered in Tek's oscilloscopes. He believes that, whenever possible, engineering students should have access to the most innovative test and measurement technology available. It feeds their passion for knowledge to be working on the cutting-edge of engineering, which requires cutting edge tools to analyze.

More About Professor Riccio

When Professor Riccio was young, he used to listen to football on Sundays on an orange radio with his dad and brother. One day, the radio stopped working, and even though his dad wanted to buy a new one at the store, Michele was driven to know what was broken.

He thought, "this tiny little box that lets you hear what is happening somewhere else – what is inside it? And how has it stopped?”

Armed with a screwdriver and a candle instead of a soldering iron, he took it to pieces and found the green board with one wire disconnected. He managed to fix the broken connection - just about. More importantly, it was the spark that grew into a passion for engineering.

What has always stood out in my personal experience of using Tektronix oscilloscopes are two factors: reliability and efficiency. Both of these aspects are essential when you work in a research field where you want to be able to focus your attention on the experiment in question, rather than worrying about the tool that will have to monitor it.

Professor Michele Riccio

Products, Software, and Services Provided

Bench Configuration

Hardware Description
MSO5 for University of Naples MSO5 with Power Probes
Whether you're measuring switching loss and safe operating area, bode plots, power supply rejection ratios, or in-circuit inductor and transformers and more, the 5 Series MSO is an integral component in power supply measurement, design, and analysis.
TekScope Software for University of Naples TekScope Software
Get the anlayisis capability of an award-winning oscilloscope on your PC. Analyze waveforms anywhere, anytime.

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