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Safe, precise, fast MOSFET testing

For Si, SiC and GaN devices

Faster time to market for your power semiconductor devices

Wide bandgap semiconductors (such as SiC and GaN) are now being used along with traditional silicon in demanding applications such as automotive and RF communications because they can operate at higher frequencies, voltages, and temperatures with lower power loss. Improvements in the efficiency of traditional silicon designs, however, enable a strong value proposition to be maintained in many broad-market applications. Get to market faster for your power semiconductor devices while minimizing device failures in the field.

Wide power envelope

Manually characterizing wafer- and package-part level devices for electrical performance requires learning new techniques, equipment, and probing infrastructure for low level measurement (e.g. pA of leakage current measurement in the presence of high breakdown voltage). Source current up to 100A and voltage up to 3000V, as well as optimize the often complex and time-consuming set-up changes between ON-state, OFF-state, and capacitance measurements with Keithley power device test solutions.


Typical ON-state measurement setup.

Safely set up your test

8010 High Power Device Test Fixture enables safe and easy connections for testing high power devices up to 3 kV or 100 A.

You also need to safely set up the high voltage tests and quickly get results. Designing it manually requires programming expertise and the capability to design and build a safety-compliant system. You do not need to do it yourself. Get safe and easy connections for testing packaged parts up to 3000V or 100A with the Model 8010 High Power Device Test Fixture. Perform common I-V tests quickly and easily without programming with ACS-BASIC.

2X Faster Device Characterization for improved time to market

For devices like traditional Si and GaN requiring a smaller power envelope, get results quickly to meet time to market demands with the 4200A Parameter Analyzer that can automate all characterization tests up to 200V and 1A.


4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer.

Avoid expensive overdesigning of your wide bandgap device

Floating differential measurements (such as high-side Vgs) are difficult or impossible to make due to high frequency (fast turn on and turn offs), and the presence of high common mode voltages (such as Vds) because oscilloscope probes do not have sufficient common mode rejection at high bandwidth. The poor common mode rejection leads to the measurement being dominated by the common mode error instead of the actual differential signal. Tektronix has the only solution offering an isolated probe (ISOVu) that does not de-rate with frequency at the operating requirements of GaN and SiC devices, allowing you to make accurate differential measurements. This allows you to precisely calculate and prove conduction losses, dead time losses, switching losses. Additionally, if you are not using an integrated gate driver, the ability to make floating differential measurements allows you to precisely measure and control dead-time for turn-on and turn-off of your device. You can also now avoid overestimation of high-frequency emissions from power converters due to the transient voltage (dv/dt) and current generated during hard switching.

One more thing to watch out for is the impact of probe capacitance at higher switching frequencies. Too much probe capacitance results in the rising edge of the being rounded off in the measurement, leading to important high frequency switching characteristics being lost. Also, adding the probe to the very sensitive floating gate signals can lead to damaging the device due to transient signals caused capacitance charge. The low capacitance of the ISOVu probe also minimizes probe capacitance issues at the gate and risk of damage to the device due to transient signals.


With the IsoVu probe, the high-side gate voltage waveform can be accurately captured to evaluate and optimize switching performance and reliability without degrading dV/dt.