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Deployment Package for DPO5000, MSO5000, DPO5000B, MSO5000B, DPO7000C, DPO70000C, DSA70000C, MSO70000C, DPO70000D, DSA70000D, DPO70000DX, MSO70000DX, Win7, V7.6.1

This software is a self-extracting executable consisting of the main oscilloscope software version 7.6.1 and the following optional applications:1) TekScope v7.6.12) Report Generator v3.3.3.13) Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis Tool v7.1.2.384) DDRA Analysis Tool v6.2.8.245) USB Analysis Tool v6.3.0.36) PCI Express Analysis Tool v6.2.0.257) MIPI D-PHY Analysis Tool v6.0.1.1168) MIPI M-PHY Analysis Tool v6.2.0.4329) 10G-KR Compliance and Debug Solution - DPOJET v6.0.1.10710) QSFP+ Compliance and Debug Solution - DPOJET v6.1.4.11211) MOST Analysis Tool v6.0.2.9312) SAS3 Analysis Tool v6.0.5.313) Fiber Channel Analysis Tool v6.0.1.4114) Embedded Display Port v6.0.3.7015) HSIC v6.0.3.216) USBSSP v1.2.0.317) 40GBase-CR4 Debug and Compliance Solution v1.0.0.4318) DPOPWR v2.2.0.6019) TDSHT3 v5.3.2.4720) TDSUB2 v3.9.6.421) TDSPTD v3.1.6.122) TDSDVI v3.0.11.423) TDSVNM v3.1.3.024) TDSET3 v3.2.9.2825) SDLA v2.3.1.1This software is not compatible and cannot be used with oscilloscopes running Microsoft Windows XP 32 bit operating systems, e.g. DPO7000, DPO/DSA70000, DPO/DSA70000B, and MSO70000. This release supports only English in the scope graphical user interface.

This software applies to: DPO5034, DPO5054, DPO5104, DPO5204, MSO5034, MSO5054, MSO5104, MSO5204, DPO5034B, DPO5054B, DPO5104B, DPO5204B, MSO5034B, MSO5054B, MSO5104B, MSO5204B, DPO7054C, DPO7104C, DPO7254C, DPO7354C, DPO70404C, DPO70604C, DPO70804C, DPO71254C, DPO71604C, DPO72004C, MSO70404C, MSO70604C, MSO70804C, MSO71254C, MSO71604C, MSO72004C, DSA70404C, DSA70604C, DSA70804C, DSA71254C, DSA71604C, DSA72004C, DPO72504D, DPO73304D, DSA72504D, DSA73304D, DPO72304DX, DPO72504DX, DPO73304DX, MSO72304DX, MSO72504DX, MSO73304DX

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