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TLA Application Software

Includes support for TLA6000 Series Logic Analyzers.Includes support for Compound Clocking (multiple clocks and qualifiers, formerly known as Advanced Clocking Mode) in the LA Setup window.Provides an updated firmware image for the TLA7Bxx modules (TLA7Bxx.LOD) that corrects a failure to acquire DDR3 data when using certain combinations of TLA7Bxx modules and support packages.Fixes a problem in symbol table look-ups that overwrote symbol values with Xs in the LA Trigger windowSupports changing input channel threshold voltages directly from the LA Setup window‚s Custom Clocking tabIncludes required firmware image update for the TLA5000 Series Logic Analyzers (TLA520X.LOD)------------ WARNING WHEN UPGRADING TLA7012 --------------Do NOT turn on the TLA Server before completing the ENTIRE upgrade procedure, which INCLUDES TLA7012 mainframe firmware upgrades.

This software applies to: TLA7012, TLA7016, TLA5201, TLA5202, TLA5203, TLA5204, TLA5201B, TLA5202B, TLA5203B, TLA5204B, TLA6202, TLA6203 0, TLA6204 0, 15671

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