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What programmatic options do I have to remotely connect to the Logic Analyzer from my Windows OS.

Question :

What programmatic options do I have to remotely connect to the Logic Analyzer from my Windows OS.

Answer :

TPI.NET - Provides great flexibility in choices for development languages. Component developers can use any language that supports .NET -- VC++, C#, VB, and others. .NET offers an easy way for developers to create components.

COM/DCOM - Supports VC++ and VB. This was the popular choice to write components before .NET and it will continue to be supported but TPI.NET includes some new commands that will not be available for COM/DCOM. The Pattern Generator Programmic Interface (PPI) is based on COM/DCOM an there is not a .NET programmatic solution for PPI.

LabView - Supports both the TPI COM interface and TPI.NET. It is recommended to use the TPI.NET interface because of it has greater support. There is also a driver from National Instruments available for this interface. It is available for download from the following path off National Instruments home page: NI Home > NI Developer Zone > Instrument Driver Network > Download

TLAScript is a standalone application program that runs on the TLA mainframe and provides a scripting interface to the TLA application. The commands for the TLAScript interface correspond to the most of the TPI methods. In essence, TLAScript provides a quick and easy way to programmically control the TLA application using a script rather than writing a full-blown program. TLAScript does not support variables and does not provide any kind of control flow capability. If you need these features you may want to investigate the two programming methods previously mentioned.

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Product Series: TLA7000


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