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What is the difference between the TG2000 and TG700?

Question :

What is the difference between the TG2000 and TG700?

Answer :

The TG2000 and TG700 are both modular platforms, however the TG2000 is a line-based generator with optional GPIB control for remote control used in a manufacturing and R&D environments. The TG700 has primarily been designed for broadcast and post production facilities for use as a Sync Pulse Generator and Test Signal Generator.

TG700 TG2000
Modular Platform Yes Yes
No of Modules per Frame 4 9
Genlock AGL7 (1 Reference I/P) AGL1 (3 Reference I/P)
Black Burst BG7 (4 O/P) BG1 (3 O/P)
Analog Generator ATG7 Supports NTSC and PAL B/G/I All composite, component standard definition formats
525/625 Digital Generator DVG7 supports 270 & 143Mbs DVG1 supports 360, 270, & 143Mbs both parallel and serial outputs available
SDI stress generator No Option
HD Digital Generator HDVG7 supports most SMPTE 292 formats HDVG1 supports most SMPTE 292 formats
Logo Generator DVG7 and HDVG7 No Line based patterns only
AES/EBU Audio AG7 and embedded on SDI and HD-SDI signals Embedded on SDI and HD-SDI signals
Remote Control Via Network Via RS232, Parallel and GPIB option

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