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What is the difference between a CTM-05 and CTM-05/A?

Question :

What is the difference between a CTM-05 and CTM-05/A?

Answer :

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Plug-In Boards: CTM-05, CTM-05/A



Question : What is the difference between a CTM-05 and CTM-05/A?

Answer: The CTM-05/A is has the same functionality as a CTM-05. It uses the same connector and pinout and is register compatible, so can be a drop-in replacement.

The physical length of the CTM-05 is 5 inches.

The board was layed out with a new design that allows for two versions: CTM-05/A and the CTM-10. This new board layout is larger to accomodate the number of chips required for the 10 channel CTM-10 so has a physical length of 9 inches.

This longer board length is the only difference of significance between the CTM-05 and the CTM-05/A. They are completely software and connector inter-changeable.

The CTM-05/A offers one advantage over the CTM-05: the CTM-05/A is a 16bit ISA bus card, so can make use of all interrupts available to the AT-ISA bus. In contrast, the older CTM-05 is an 8bit ISA bus and can utilize only the lower interrupts (2 through 7) of the XT-ISA bus.

For PCI bus counter/timer boards, the KPCI-3140 should be considered. The KPCI-3140 offers 8 counters plus 32 lines of digital I/O. The connector is a Shielded High Density 68 pin Champ SCSI II connection.


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