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What the CSA/TDS8000 series equivalent to the SD14?

Question :

What the CSA/TDS8000 series equivalent to the SD14?

Answer :

There is no direct equivalent CSA/TDS8000-series electrical sampling module for the SD14. The SD14 was unique in that it has two 1-meter probes (non-detachable). The SD14 has a BW of 3Ghz and input impedance of 100KW (at the probe tip).

The closest equivalent would be the 80E02. This is a 12.5Ghz, two- channel, electrical sampling module. It is compatible with the CSA/TDS8000, CSA/TDS8000B and CSA/TDS8200 oscilloscopes.

If desired, active probes can be added with the addition of an 80A03, 8000 Series TekConnectâ Probe Interface. This module enables the use of P7000 series probes with the 8000 series electrical sampling modules. The list of probes that are compatible with the 80A03 are listed on the 80A03 datasheet.

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