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What are the differences between VM5000 and VM6000?

Question :

What are the differences between VM5000 and VM6000?

Answer :

Major Enhancements and Changes of VM6000 relative to VM5000

Expanded Format Support

  • SD/HD instruments additionally support 720p/30, 1080p/ 50 and 1080p/60
  • User Defined format
  • Format Auto Detect

Additional Measurement Parameters

  • Levels measurement with special position cursors (1-8 pedestals)
  • Noise measurement with cursor for time windowing
  • Spatial Distortion measurement
  • H sync Jitter and Wander measurement
  • V sync measurement
  • Block measurement mode

Additional reporting

  • Easy report viewing (Direct viewing the report from the application)
  • Easy access to the measurement result from Summary display

Upgraded Accessories

  • Sync Combiner as the standard

Updated specification

  • Specifications for all platforms

Upgraded Test Signal Package

  • H.264 encoded Elementary stream
  • 720x480 resolution Elementary Stream
  • Option SS provides the all of test signal CD-ROMs and DVDs.
  • Each CD-ROM and DVD are provided as an 020 part for separate purchase.

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