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TDS5000B: How do I save waveform data?

Question :

TDS5000B: How do I save waveform data?

Answer :

TheTDS5000B supports saving data in the following formats: .wfm (internal reference memory), .csv (comma separated value or Excel format), .txt (text file format), and .dat (Matlab and Mathcad format).

To save waveform data as a .wfm file, which can be recalled into the scope later, select the proper source (CH1, Math1, Ref1, etc.) and select either a reference memory location such as REF1 or a folder with a filename.

Figure 1

To save waveform data as either .csv, .txt, or .dat file select the format in the “Save as Type” menu. Below is an example of saving data as a .csv file.

Figure 2

If the “Save as type” menu only allows .wfm format make sure the “Source” menu displays any source other than “All Displayed” as this option only supports .wfm file format.

Figure 3

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