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I cannot connect to my TLA7012 or TLA7016 remotely with remote host mode.

Question :

I cannot connect to my TLA7012 or TLA7016 remotely with remote host mode.

Answer :

There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to connect via the remote host mode. Perform the following checks:

(TLA7012 Only) Check to determine the TLA Server is on. This is automatically turned off upon restart. You can find it in the Windows Taskbar. If it is off it will have a red circle/cross through it. Right click the icon and choose "Start TLA Server". You can also activate it through the Start->Programs->Tektronix Logic Analyzer->TLA Server Control.

Make sure you can ping the instrument and there are no firewall settings blocking needed ports such as 111, 9000, and 3389.

From the TLA Connection window you can click on the binoculars in the top left corner and search for a TLA on either the local subnet and/or enter its IP or hostname. Note: searching from the local subnet may take some time.

If you can see the TLA in the connection window but the status shows "in Use by ..." you will need to release that connection before you can connect. Often the problem is that the logic analyzer is still online locally (TLA7012 Only). In this case from the application on the logic analyzer go to the File menu and choose "Go Offline".

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: TLA7000 TLA7000


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