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How do you get the AVG7 module into 480P Y+Pb+Pr mode?

Question :

How do you get the AVG7 module into 480P Y+Pb+Pr mode?

Answer :

480P is also known as 525P. If 525p YPbPr is not already loaded onto the TG700:

Download the TG700) signal library 1 and Library 3 files, and the TG700 tools from our website to your PC. Links are as follows:

TG700 Library 1
TG700 Library 3
TG700 Tools

Unzip the files.

Once this is done, connect to the TG700 through the network connection using the TG7COMM program, found in the tools. See TG700 manual page 3-15 for details if needed. Once communication is established, Open the AVG7/signal folder.

Select FILE PC TO TG. Select the SIGNAL LIBRARY\AVG7\UNCHECKED\525p_ypb.dnl file and click DOWNLOAD.

When done reboot the TG700 by pressing MODULE, FORMAT, and FRONT PANEL ENABLE buttons at the same time

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