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How do I update the TLA firmware?

Question :

How do I update the TLA firmware?

Answer :

must power down the logic analyzer to allow the TLA application to start up

TLA700 Series Logic Analyzers and Modules
If you need to upgrade the firmware on your logic analyzer modules, a startup
message appears telling you that you need to upgrade.
1. Note the modules that require new firmware.
NOTE. Older logic analyzer modules (TLA7Lx, TLA7Mx, TLA7Nx, TLA7PX or
TLA7Qx), TLA7Dx or TLA7Ex DSO modules, and TLA7PG2 Pattern Generator
modules require you to install a flash jumper on the rear of the module before
you can update the firmware. Refer to firmware upgrade procedures in either the
TLA7000 Series Logic Analyzer Installation Manual or the TLA700 Series
Logic Analyzer Installation Manual for instructions on removing modules from
the mainframes and installing the flash jumpers.
2. Exit the TLA application.
3. Click Start → Programs → Tektronix Logic Analyzer→ TLA Firmware
4. Select your instrument from the Firmware Loader -- Connection dialog box
and click Connect.
5. Select the modules that you want to update from the list of modules in the
Supported list box near the top of the window. This selects the modules for
the upgrade. If you are upgrading more than one module at a time, note the
slot location of the module in the selection box.
6. Select Load Firmware from the Execute menu.
7. Click the proper .lod file for the selected module;
TLA7NAx logic analyzer modules => TLA7NAX.lod
TLA7Axx logic analyzer modules => TLA7AXX.lod
TLA7Nx, TLA7Px, TLA7Qx logic analyzer modules => TLA7NPQ.lod
TLA7Lx and TLA7Mx logic analyzer modules => TLA7LM.lod
TLA7Dx and TLA7Ex DSO modules => FirmwareDSO.lod
TLA7PG2 Pattern Generator modules* => tla7pg2.lod

*The .lod files for the pattern generator modules are located in the C:\Program
Files\Tektronix Pattern Generator\Firmware folder.

NOTE. Be sure to select the proper .lod file for each module. Note the slot
number in the title bar so that you select the correct module for the .lod file.

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: TLA7000


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