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How do I update the firmware on an MSO5000 series scope or other Windows 7 scope?

Question :

How do I update the firmware on an MSO5000 series scope or other Windows 7 scope?

Answer :

The procedure for updating the firmware on this scope and any other Windows 7 scope is the same; download the firmware from our website, put it on the scope, and run the setup file. To find out what version you currently have installed on your scope, open TekScope, go to the Help menu, and click about TekScope. The firmware version is shown at the top of the popup window.

The most recent firmware for our scopes is available on our website at and can be found using the search bar. The firmware for this example is available here: /oscilloscope/mso5034-software/firmware-deployment-package-mso5000-and-dpo5000-series-oscilloscopes-v. Follow the link and click “Download File.” This download link will be unavailable if you don’t have a Tektronix account or if you aren’t logged in.

Save the firmware on a flash drive. The firmware for Windows 7 scopes is a fairly large file and will take a while to download depending on the speed of your internet connection. Make sure your flash drive has enough space on it to hold the firmware.

On your scope, you may also need to make sure that your hard drive is fully expanded, which can be done using the following procedure:

On the desktop, right click on My Computer, select Manage, click, Disk Management, in the lower part of the window you will see the partitions of the hard drive. If there is an unallocated portion next to the partition that contains C:, right click on the partition that contains C: and select Extend Volume to restore the unallocated partition to C:. Follow the prompts in the wizard to finish the extension.

Next, plug your USB drive into your scope and copy the firmware onto the desktop. Make sure the TekScope application is closed. Next, run the firmware executable file and follow the instructions. The update should take between 30 and 40 minutes and during this time the scope will reboot multiple times. Be sure not to interrupt the installation process. Upon successful completion of the installation, TekScope will be launched automatically and you can use the scope normally.

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