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How do I setup TDR on the 11800 series?

Question :

How do I setup TDR on the 11800 series?

Answer :

Step 1. Under the UTILITY menu select Initialize.

Step 2. Under the WAVEFORM menu select Sampling Head Fnc's.

Step 3. Under the pop-up menu select TDR Preset.

This should give you a waveform that looks like this:

Waveform 1

Step 4. Add the P6150 probe with the 1X head. Change the time per division to 1 nsec. The screen should now look like this:

Waveform 2

Step 5. Change the time per division to 10 nsec. Short the end of the P6150 to the outer shield and see that the waveform looks something like this:

Waveform 3

Step 6. Connect the probe to the circuit that you need to test. Turn on cursors, set cursor 1 on the first part of the waveform and cursor 2 on the waveform area that represents the average impedance of the device under test.

Waveform 4

Step 7. The cursors should read a) cursor 1- 50 ohm value of the P6150, b) cursor 2 reads the value of the device under test and c) the delta cursor reads the difference.

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