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I get an error message “CvP Tester Didn’t Run” on my 5 Series MSO.

Question :

I get an error message “CvP Tester Didn’t Run” on my 5 Series MSO.

Answer :

Instruments that have both a Linux drive and a Windows drive should have the same firmware revision on both drives.

When only one drive has the latest firmware installed, the instrument user may find that firmware is not updated on the Linux drive once the Windows drive is removed.  There may also be error messages indicating a mismatch in firmware, with statements such as “CvP Tester Didn’t Run”:        

Recommendation:  Make sure to have the same revision firmware installed on both drives by following these steps:

1.         Remove Windows drive

2.         Update Linux

3.         Power Off, insert Windows

4.         Update windows

5.         Power off

6.         Now both drives have the same version firmware installed

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: MSO 5 Series B MSO 6 Series B


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