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Calibration is done for a variety of reasons, from meeting regulatory requirements to ensuring equipment is working 'ok'. While the user of equipment may only see the calibration certificate and possibly a data report, there is a significant structure supporting these documents.

The pages below can assist in the understanding of what a calibration certificate represents and how a calibration laboratory is viewed by an organization that accredits calibration facilities.

Metrology & Calibration describes the practices behind the art of precision measurements and what this means to the user of measuring equipment.

Your Calibration Choices describes the various types of calibration offerings from Tektronix. Requirements for calibration an vary due to regulatory or legislative requirements, customer expectations or a similar need to ensure the measurements made are traceable to a recognized standard.

Standards, Accreditation & Traceability describes at a high level standards referred to on calibration certificates and an explanation about accreditation and traceability and how these are maintained.

Metrology References & Resources is a listing of organizations and their acronyms that are often seen. The glossary has a number of commonly used terms that may assist in your understanding of the calibration terminology used on these pages and within industry.