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Applications for SourceXpress® and AWG70000/5200 series generators

Pulse Generator Plug-in Datasheet

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Pulse Generator Plug-in Datasheet

The Tektronix Pulse plug-in is a simple and flexible tool to create pulsed waveforms with varying Pulse Widths, Rise Times, and Fall Times for the purpose of building complex and real world pulse test signals with the flexibility to create multiple channels waveforms. The plug-in integrates into the SourceXpress waveform creation platform, and the AWG70000 series and AWG5200 series arbitrary waveform generators.

Key features
  • Allows the creation of multiple pulses and frames to stimulate devices under test with signals with multiple frames
  • Customize pulses with different pulse shapes like rectangular and trapezoidal with varying rise/fall times, pulse widths and pulse repetition rate to simulate real world signals
  • Allows users to insert varying dead time between frames
  • Create multiple Pulse trains and assign each train to different channels to simulate multi lane signals
  • Offline Mode
    • Designed to also run on an external PC via the SourceXpress PC application, thereby reducing the time taken to synthesize large waveforms and leaving the instruments free for continued testing
  • Seamless transition between design and playback
    • The easy to use graphical user interface integrates seamlessly with the user interfaces of the SourceXpress PC application and the Tektronix AWG70000 series and AWG5200 series generators
  • Designed for integration for automated test or manufacturing
    • Programmatic Interface allows for integration into existing workflows

Ultimate Pulse signal flexibility

The Pulse plug-in provides the ultimate in flexibility for creating Pulse waveforms. It gives users the ability to build custom Pulse suites from pulses, to pulse frames, and to pulse trains.


  • Plug-in installed with SourceXpress on PC:
    • SourceXpress software version 6.1 or greater
    • PC operating systems: Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Plug-in installed on compatible instruments:
    • AWG70000 Series, firmware version 6.1 or greater
    • AWG5200 Series, firmware version 6.1 or greater


The Pulse Generator plug-in turns your AWG into a very useful pulse generating platform, able to produce pulses for testing is areas such as:

  • Displays
  • High-energy physics
  • Medical imaging
  • LiDAR
  • Industrial sensors

Ordering information

How to Purchase
The Pulse Generator plug-in is available to download for free. You can download from the Visit the Tektronix website to request more information or contact your nearest sales representative.
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Additional information

This and other plug-ins are available for SourceXpress and compatible waveform generators.

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