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The Transition to IP Live Production: Evolution or Revolution?


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Many in the broadcast, media production and cable industries believe that the move to 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) distribution and all IP live production workflows will be an evolutionary step. But is there more? In a two part series now running in Light Reading, a go-to destination for communications industry news, Tektronix CTO for video Paul Robinson explains why he believes this transition is both evolutionary and revolutionary.

In part one, Robinson outlines the technology foundation required to support a full 4K-capable infrastructure with upside to support high frame rate and high dynamic range options. These include new codecs and a move to an IP-based infrastructure. For the most part, Robinson writes, these changes will in fact be evolutionary and well-within the capabilities of most organizations.

In part two, things get more interesting. Here Robinson writes that the last true revolution in the TV watching experience occurred when the industry made the move from black & white to color. Since then, technology has moved forward, but the viewing experience has stayed largely the same. With all IP live production, however, Robinson argues that the viewing experience could fundamentally change and become more interactive and immersive, particularly for sporting events.

To get the full story, head on over to Light Reading and be sure to add your perspective in the comments section. If you are in the process of transitioning to 4K/UHD in your facilities, be sure to visit  You’ll learn how we can help you make a simple, smooth and seamless transition from HD to 4K.