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Tektronix oscilloscope used for iCub robot battery design, test


The iCub is a humanoid robot developed at Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (IIT). Available as an open system platform under a GPL license, iCub has been adopted by more than 30 research institutions worldwide. 

IIT designers Marco Maggiali and Andrea Mura recently used a Tektronix MSO4104B oscilloscope to test and validate a new battery backpack for the iCub robot, allowing it operate outside the confines of a lab environment.

As detailed in a “how-to” article that appeared on the EDN Network, the design involved the use of several boards and multiple communications buses, requiring the ability to time correlate analog, digital and serial signals. For the full story, head on over to EDN here. Or if you prefer, download the case study from our document library here.

Since publishing the above blog, Tektronix is currently offering a free upgrade to 3/6 GHz spectrum analyzers and a free bundle of software applications on mixed-domain oscilloscopes. Check out the details here and save away!