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Product Development During a Pandemic Leads to True Oscilloscope Innovation

Innovation often happens when it is least expected. In the case of the 2 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Tektronix uncovered a number of unexpected customer wants and needs during the development process, but some of the most valuable customer insights resulted from pandemic-related hurdles, something no one expected.

Portable oscilloscope with battery option - Tektronix 2 Series MSO 

Pandemic Informed Design for Today and Tomorrow’s Engineers

With only the initial customer interviews completed, the pandemic broke out, shutting down offices and cities worldwide, and sending our global team developing this project home for what turned out to be two years.

With a development process that is customer obsessed, the sudden switch to remote work was challenging, particularly in the prototyping process when a customer’s ability to see and touch prototypes is essential to getting actionable feedback. So, we got creative and met with engineers outside–in parking lots, at racetracks, in warehouses or anywhere they could meet safely.

Ironically, the product design feedback gathered under these less-than-ideal conditions allowed our customers and the Tektronix team to mimic real world scenarios. One challenge engineers chronically face is the need to test and measure both in the lab and in the field. This often requires using at least two different scopes with two sets of capabilities that may not integrate with one another. We met engineers in the field, empathized with their pain point, and incorporated benchtop features into the light, portable 2 Series MSO, designing the oscilloscope so engineers could test and measure whatever they want from wherever they want without sacrificing functionality.

Portable oscilloscope with a detachable battery powered option  – Tektronix 2 Series MSO

Flexible Design Process Results in Unmatched UX

In a world where test and measurement are essential to technology’s latest advancements and innovations, the pandemic exacerbated the importance of accessing and sharing data. Engineering teams now work in a hybrid, and in some cases, hyper-hybrid scenario–in the office lab, home lab and other remote locations. One of the key components of the 2 Series MSO is the ability to store and access data on a network or in the cloud by using Tektronix’ TekDrive, a natively integrated software and wireless network for seamless sharing of files.


Touchscreen oscilloscope interface and enhanced UX - Portable 2 Series MSO

Taking a cue from the consumer electronics world and from customers, we designed a familiar touch-screen user interface. Customer feedback led to a slight design change, resulting in a hybrid solution–a high-resolution touchscreen display with critical knobs and buttons included for when a precise measurement is needed.

A New Class of Oscilloscope

By staying flexible and actively listening to our customers, we designed a form factor that broke the mold in a category that is known for producing incremental and iterative product updates. In an industry that is 75 years old, our creative approach to the unexpected pandemic led to key insights, informing the first major innovation in entry level oscilloscopes in decades. While it fits in a backpack, the 2 Series MSO is anything but a small, incremental update.

Visit our website for detailed information about the 2 Series MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope).