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Just like an athlete – You can never be too fast – Engineering at full speed

By Pat Byrne, Tektronix

Progress is marked by waves of innovation, periods in which bursts of disruptive inventions trigger rapid growth. In the last 150 years, there have been five such waves defined as the industrial revolution; steam and railways; steel and electricity; oil, cars and mass production; information and communication. Now, we are entering a sixth wave of innovation -- a world of connected intelligence with new devices, applications, business models and services that were only imagined in the past. With every wave things get much faster. Speed is the common denominator.

At the center of the sixth wave is the Intelligence of Things driven by the Sensorization and Digitization of Things. The combination of sensors and the digitization of our lives and institutions results in the generation of massive amounts of data. Using artificial intelligence fueled by this data, we can derive powerful insights to drive further innovation. This will lead to an acceleration in the pace of change. The next 10 years will likely produce more innovation than the last 20 years combined. That’s how fast the world is changing. Now more than ever before, “speed is a weapon” for engineers as they commercialize game-changing technologies.



This next wave of technology promises profound implications in electronics design, test and manufacturing. The pressures that designers face to deliver significant innovations in shrinking time windows is unprecedented. And to be successful, designers must begin to view test and measurement as an innovation platform rather than a hurdle to be overcome.

As we work to deliver the next generation of test solutions, our driving focus is on what our customers need and passion to help them break through the barriers that are blocking their way forward. We are already delivering solutions that span six industry segments and 17 applications areas, with many more to come. We believe the six segment areas listed below are fundamental to enabling the next wave of innovation:

To help you keep pace with change, we have delivered information-rich application resource centers in each of these segments backed by dedicated subject matter experts. Our intention? To help you tackle the toughest and most demanding measurements, and to give you the tools you need to bring new innovations to market faster and with less friction.

Tektronix is positioned to work with you to solve today’s problems and define the roadmap for future solutions that will further speed innovation. Fundamentally, Tektronix’ role has always been to drive innovation. The difference now is speed – and we’re kicking it into a new gear.