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Wireless and RF Testing Series

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Troubleshooting EMI on Your Power Supply Designs

This webinar provides a broad introduction to the topic of EMI/EMC measurements, with a specific focus on how measure and quantify noise and interference associated with modern power supplies. Learn techniques to diagnose and isolate elusive sources of EMI and find out about the latest test methods for EMI diagnostics.
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Spectrum Management

Today’s cellular systems often experience interference. This can show up as poor voice quality, dropped calls, or low data rates. As network operators add voice and 4G data services, the licensed bands become even more susceptible to interference. In addition, the trend to co-location of wireless systems, while desirable from some points of view, contribute to the potential for interference. This session will discuss types of interference and provide a simplified process to aid in the process of locating, troubleshooting and mitigating RF interference on your network.
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Conquering Wideband Radar

Are you trying to build high fidelity wideband signal environments? Are you struggling to pick up on notoriously difficult to detect wideband signals? This webinar will focus on the challenges related to the adoption of wideband radar and techniques to master them. This hour long webinar features Tektronix expert Bill Byrom, who will share his insights on the key factor to consider when simulating and analyzing wideband signals
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Navigating the Road to WiGig


This webinar features Tektronix expert, Dorine Gurney, sharing her insights on the key factors to consider when performing transmitter testing to IEEE 802.11ad. Topics covered include:
- What are the key PHY layer measurements for the standard
- Identifying performance criteria in test instrumentation to optimize measurement accuracy
- The benefits of cross correlation and color decoding for troubleshooting
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Standards Testing for IoT Devices



Want to catch the Internet of Things (IoT) wave? Should I care about testing wireless standards? Why? Have you heard about testing intentional radiators? What do I need to measure, why and how? All of this, and more, will be covered in this Standards Testing IoT Devices webinar. This is a rapidly changing industry so even if you’ve NOT been designing and testing wireless yet, this webinar is a great introduction to get you up to speed with wireless compliance testing.

Tektronix Expert Dorine Gurney’s highly graphical course will cover:
  • Basics of Wireless Standards
  • Compliance requirements
  • Pre-compliance testing
  • The reasons for testing
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